Tax Planning Services

Coos County tax planning services

Effectively reducing taxes requires extensive tax planning that considers all possible deductions and tax code changes. At Anne McCaleb, CPA, we work closely with small business owners and individuals to generate strategies that take advantage of today’s incentives and prepare for tomorrow’s tax challenges.

I take a full-spectrum approach to my small business clients – this means I am looking at all pieces of the puzzle, including your personal tax matters. This allows me to offer the most relevant tax guidance and the most comprehensive tax saving strategies. If you’re already in business, I start by analyzing the business structure (sole proprietor, corporation, etc.) to see if there are entity changes that would provide better tax savings. When I provide monthly or quarterly accounting and bookkeeping services, I always include tax planning in my fee. This includes projecting your taxes due, calculating estimated tax payments, and offering ways to keep more of that money for yourself! When tax time rolls around, your financials are already in tip-top shape and ready to go. No last-minute scrambling to recreate the last year of business activity, and no surprises! My packages always include personal tax preparation as well, which allows me to see how your business will impact you on the personal side.

Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals

Find out how I can save you real money on your taxes through sophisticated tax planning. To learn more about personal or business tax planning, call 916-634-4002 now or request your free consultation online.

  • Strategic tax planning for small businesses
  • Tax planning techniques for individuals
  • Trust and estate planning