Tax Preparation & Planning

Coos County income tax preparation

Online tax software will never replace the real-world experience of a tax professional. Although using technology to do it yourself may seem cheaper, it could cost you more in the long run between mishandled deductions, miscalculations, and even IRS problems. At Anne McCaleb, CPA, I'm a virtual CPA offering tax preparation services to individuals and businesses, and my business is open and available year-round, not just during tax season. 

I take several hours of tax-specific continuing education each year.  My virtual tax preparation services are for individuals, small businesses, not-for-profits, and more.  My services include current year tax preparation as well as prior-year reviews and amendments.

At Anne McCaleb, CPA, I offer several options for tax planning throughout the year.  Planning early allows the most time for strategy and implementation.  Planning can be “on-demand” during the year as things arise in your tax life, or can be on a set schedule throughout the year.  Planning can be done for individuals and businesses, and can include information on different business entity structures that may offer tax benefits.  Tax planning can also include an estimation of your taxes due for purposes of quarterly estimated tax payments.

Virtual Tax CPA

Call 916-634-4002 or request a free consultation online to see how Anne McCaleb, CPA can assist you with your tax preparation needs. Some examples of services are:

  • e-Filed Federal and State returns, when possible
  • Tax returns for individuals and joint filings
  • Business tax preparation - sole proprietor, corporate, and single-member LLC
  • Estate and trust tax return preparation (services limited)
  • Not-for-profit information returns
  • Rental property schedules
  • Prior-year reviews and amendments
  • Prior-year catch-up returns
  • IRS and state resolution and communication services
  • Strategic tax planning for small businesses
  • Tax planning techniques for individuals
  • Tax planning for businesses and individuals